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We are Haley and Josh Klaas and live in Columbus, Ohio. Our passion is to encourage others that it is possible to join the #debtfreemovement, and provide tools and tips we learned along our own journey to becoming debt free. Here’s a little bit about us:

“We were just kids when we fell in love…”

        We met when Haley was 19 and Josh was 21. We met one night after church while hanging out at a mutual friend’s apartment. We discovered we both attended THE Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) that night and quickly gravitated toward the other. We almost immediately knew we had a special connection, so a couple months later, we started dating!

When you know, you know…

A little over a year from our first date, Josh planned a romantic night and proposed to Haley in a Rose garden. It began an exciting and terrifying time in our lives!

Real Life

      When we are kids, adults joked that we lived in a fairy tale and one day “real life” would hit. That happened right after we got engaged. Josh had graduated from college the month before and Haley still had two years left (we were 22 and 20)! We both worked in restaurants starting in high school and through college. By that time, Josh had bought a new (used) car and had begun repayment of his student loans. While Haley had remained debt free, she still had to save up a hefty tuition payment three times a year to pay upfront. On top of that, we were trying to plan a wedding and our new life together! We were a bit overwhelmed with all the new financial obligations coming up and did not know how everything would work out. But we were in love and knew that it would all work out somehow.

The Big Day

We got married May 29th, 2015 and it was honestly the most magical day of our lives. Everything was more perfect than we could have even imagined! Being married to your best friend is truly the greatest gift and joy.

Our Mission- it IS possible!

Throughout this blog, we will tell our story- how we paid off almost $60,000 in debt in our first few years of marriage, graduated college and completely enjoyed life while saving money!

THANK YOU for joining us as we share our journey, what we’ve gone through, what we are experiencing now and into the future!

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-Haley and Josh Klaas