Why we disappeared…

Hello! Yes, we have some explaining to do! There is a very exciting reason we disappeared for the last couple months…

Photo Cred: Trevor Loken

We found out we are expecting a baby girl! She’s due to be here around the end of December. We are so excited and feel so blessed! I’m 24 weeks on Wednesday and so far so good. They weren’t kidding about the exhaustion though! Just beginning to feel a little bit more like myself and not constantly be taking naps.

I plan on doing an entire post or series of posts on another one of my passions- women’s health. I was diagnosed with PCOS almost a year ago. Suddenly symptoms I had been dealing with for years made sense! This catapulted me on a journey to health, hormonal balance, and now-pregnancy. I want to share and help other women with some things I’ve learned along the way, PCOS is now said to effect 1 in 10 women!

Much more to come, hopefully more regularly! Any helpful money saving tips or just general baby tips are much appreciated as Josh and I embark on this new season of our lives!

-Haley Klaas

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