21 Staples We Save Money on at Costco

Think shopping at Costco is just for that family down the street with 8 kids? Think again!

Josh and my sister Zoe always say that “it’s all about the better deal!” It’s an inside joke they have, but it applies here perfectly. We love finding great deals and Costco has really helped us save money on essentials. Full disclaimer: we are steadily moving toward becoming full-on hippies. The contents of this list are all healthy and mostly organic/non-GMO products. We also try to be as sugar free as possible. We use stevia mainly and erythritol is okay too. If you are not concerned about these labels, there are even less expensive options at Costco!

We compared store brand to store brand, so if it’s Costco’s store brand we compared it to the grocery’s store brand. If it’s a name brand, we compared it to the exact same name brand at the grocery chain. The only exception is the protein bar and we compared ingredients for this. We took prices from three average to lower priced national grocery store chains for the grocery prices. If the brand name is not noted, then it’s Costco’s store brand, Kirkland.

Another disclaimer, all items are calculated with their original prices, no sales from Costco or grocery stores. That being said- every month Costco has sales that allow you to save even more! We tend to stock up that month if we see something on sale that we use a lot.

Here are twenty one staples that we save regularly on at Costco and never buy at our local grocery anymore, ordered from greatest percentage of savings to least for this list.

  1. Protein bars (64% savings)
    • $0.90 per bar at Costco
    • $2.50 per bar at grocery (Quest bar)

Honestly, this isn’t even an apples to apples comparison because Costco’s protein bar has even better ingredients than Quest bars! This is the closest bar ingredient wise we could find to compare it to however. What a great deal! Josh says that he likes how the Kirkland ones taste better than the Quest bars (I have to agree too!).

  1. Skinny Pop (63% savings)
    • $0.34 an ounce at Costco
    • $0.91 an ounce at grocery

This is our favorite snack because it’s easy, tasty and only a couple ingredients!

  1. Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray (55% savings)
    • $0.64 an ounce at Costco
    • $1.42 an ounce at grocery

This is the best cooking spray we’ve found- ONE ingredient, Avocado Oil!

  1. Water (55% savings)
    • $0.07 per 16.9 ounce bottle at Costco
    • $0.17 per16.9 ounce bottle at grocery

We love the taste this water! We also try to reuse the bottles as much as possible to save even more.

  1. Truvia sweetener packets (52% savings)
    • $0.03 per packet at Costco
    • $0.07 per packet at grocery
  1. La Croix (42% savings)
    • $0.29 a can at Costco
    • $0.50 a can at grocery
  1. Almonds (41% savings)
    • $0.27 per ounce at Costco
    • $0.46 per ounce at grocery store
  1. Daisy Cottage Cheese (39% savings)
    • $0.10 an ounce at Costco
    • $0.16 an ounce at grocery
  1. Sargento Cheese Sticks (39% savings)
    • $0.22 per stick at Costco
    • $0.36 per stick at grocery


  1. Halo Top (39% savings)
    • $2.75 per pint at Costco
    • $4.49 per pint at grocery

Yes, you read that right! Halo Top ice cream is at Costco! It’s a great deal too.

  1. Frozen Strawberries (37% savings)
    • $0.16 per ounce at Costco
    • $0.25 per ounce at grocery
  1. Universal Organic Sunrise Energy Bars (37% savings)
    • $0.31 per ounce at Costco
    • $0.50 per ounce at grocery
  1. Alexia Sweet Potato Fries (34% savings)
    • $0.11 per ounce at Costco
    • $0.16 per ounce at grocery
  1. Bagged Spring Salad Mix (33% savings)
    • $0.25 per ounce at Costco
    • $0.37 per ounce at grocery
  1. Egg whites (33% savings)
    • $0.09 per ounce at Costco
    • $0.14 per ounce at grocery
  1. Snack Factory Organic Pretzel Chips (32% savings)
    • $0.24 per ounce at Costco
    • $0.36 per ounce at grocery
  1. Organic, cage free eggs (30% savings)
    • $3 per dozen at Costco
    • $4.29 per dozen at grocery
  1. Frozen Blueberries (28% savings)
    • $0.20 per ounce at Costco
    • $0.28 per ounce at grocery
  1. Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt (28% savings)
    • $0.72 per cup at Costco
    • $1 per cup at grocery
  1. Organic Fuji Apples (24% savings)
    • $1.89 per pound at Costco
    • $2.49 per pound at grocery
  1. Organic Blueberries (17% savings)
    • $0.56 per ounce at Costco
    • $0.67 per ounce at grocery

Overall, just on these items we save an average of 39.15%! What are the best deals you’ve found at Costco?

Haley Klaas

If you would like to read more about our story, click here.


Some really great savings! It’s definitely a good way of saving a few extra pennies!

Thanks for your comment Vicky! Yes for sure and those pennies when multiplied equal a good chunk of savings!

Sisters on Quarter Mile Lane

So many great items to save money on! I cant wait to try the frozen berries and cottage cheese!

Hi yes they also have a mixed frozen berry that we love!! We just couldn’t find a comparable product with the exact same ingredients not a name brand. I’m glad you got some ideas! 🙂


Wow! These are a lot of savings and on some great stuff too! I have never even been inside of Costco but clearly I need to look into it!

Hi, yes we love it!!! Sometimes we will make going there a date night. 😃 you should check it out!

Madi Rowan

Ugh who doesn’t love Costco! I wish I had one near me, I will pass this along to my mom! 🙂

Hi madi, aw man that stinks! Maybe sometime soon. 🙂 thanks for passing it along!

Back when I lived in Texas I would shop at Costco a lot just because it would be so much cheaper than popping into a grocery store to purchase things like water and shampoo. I don’t live close to a Costco anymore, so I can’t shop there, but the savings are real!

Thanks for sharing! x


Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment! Yes I bet you are missing it! Have a great day!

Michaela Rodriguez

Yes! Costco is amazing for it’s deals, but choosing the right bulk items is so important!

Hi Michaela, totally agreed!!! Especially with perishable items we only buy if we know we will use it up quick! Have a great day!!

This is a very helpful list. I completely assumed that shopping at Costco was for large families. I thought that buying bulk groceries from Costco would be wasteful for a family of three (1 mom and 2 kiddos), like mine. I’ll actually take a closer look the next time I in the neighborhood. Thanks!

Hi, yes you do have to shop based on what you think is reasonable to get used up. Like they have a great deal on bananas, but I only buy if I’m making banana bread or something. There is a ton more stuff than just groceries that I think you would enjoy! Have a great day! 😃

I love Costco so much! We use it to save money as well but need to look for some of these products so we can save even more! We usually use it for water and for staples like laundry detergent.

Hi Cara, yes for sure! These are just our regular purchases, we are going to do another post with household savings. Laundry detergent is definitely on there. Have a great day! 😃

Jubilee D Meyer

We’ve been thinking about going to costco for years, and this is such a helpful list! thank you!

Hi Jubilee, no problem! Try it out, let me know what you think. 🙂

Awesome! Thanks so much for all the price comparisons. I have been wondering lately if Costco was worth shopping at anymore because it sure doesn’t seam cheaper when it’s all added up at the till. Love me some blueberries and Greek yogurt though! ❤️

Hi Jenna, thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoyed it, what we enjoy most about Costco is how conscious they are about organic/chemical free products! We always find something we love! Have a great day! 😃

Well, it’s official. I need to start shopping at Costco! These are great tips and great savings! 🙂

Hi Natasha, we love it! I hope you will love it as well. Have a great day! 😃

Cassie & Joseph – No Compass Necessary

I love how you shared the percentage of savings – this is fantastic and so so helpful to justify what you should buy at Costco. Great job 🙂

Hi Cassie and Joseph, thanks! We thought it would be more helpful to compare. Have a great day!!

I love this list! Costco is my fav place to shop for essentials…. and all kinds of things I don’t need too!

Hi Jen, yes we’ve been there too!! But you’re getting a great deal so it’s better than splurging elsewhere in my opinion. Haha 😊 have a great day!!