10 Inexpensive or Free Date Night Ideas

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Making memories is a very important part of keeping a relationship alive and thriving. When Josh and I first started dating (5 years ago this month!), we thought that going on a date automatically meant spending money. We would go see movies (that we didn’t really care about) and eat at nice restaurants all the time. We didn’t keep track of our expenses at first, but once we did it was crazy to see how much we spent on dates just to hang out and spend time together.

While going to nice restaurants and seeing movies are fun things to do, we have now made it into a treat instead of a regular occurrence. We realized the most important thing was communicating and building our relationship, and that could be done much cheaper than we were doing.

We have created a list of cheap date ideas that we regularly do which allow us to enjoy building our relationship without breaking the bank:  

  1. Watch a movie on a streaming device instead of going to the movies

Nowadays streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are providing movies closer and closer to their release date in theatres. Check these services first before going to see a movie at a theatre and you might be surprised! They might have a movie already available that you wanted to see anyways. If they don’t, you can rent a movie from Amazon Prime for around $3-6 dollars. That is a lot cheaper than upwards of $25 for two tickets at our local movie theatre! Or better yet, you might be able to rent the movie from the library for free!

  1. Go to the park

Living in Ohio, we love to take advantage of nice weather and enjoy a local park. We also enjoy seeing different parts of our city and going back to places we enjoyed in our childhoods.

  1. Go to the library

The library is a gift that just keeps giving. It’s so fun to browse and get that satisfying feeling that you are shopping without spending money! Also, whatever you check out you get to enjoy after the date as well, whether it be a book, movie, etc.  I don’t think enough people take advantage of their local library; odds are you’ll find something you’ll love there and it’s free!

  1. Cook dinner together

Josh and I enjoy this one so much more than we thought we would! When we first got married, we had a learning curve because we were both blessed with parents that cooked good food for us. We often kick ourselves for not learning their tricks while we lived at home! In order to save money, cooking at home is more economical. So we decided to turn it into a time to spend together. We often split up the duties of cooking dinner so it also is prepared quicker! A win, win all round! We plan to do more posts specifically on how we save money with what we eat.

  1. Play board games

Josh and I are huge board game players. We have many favorites that we will rotate playing, and these games are good for just two people or more (we often have game nights with family/friends).

  1. Walk and Talk

Take a long walk around the neighborhood! Some of our deepest conversations happen on our walks and we’ve come to love our walk time together. The idea for this blog happened when we were walking around our neighborhood!

  1. Take a bike ride

Remember when you were a kid and it was a huge deal when you got your bike? Recall that feeling again, dust off your bike and enjoy!

  1. Go fishing

This is one of Josh’s favorite things to do and I enjoy it because it’s relaxing. It’s also a great way to unwind and let warmer nights proceed at a slower pace. It’s a good opportunity to do something together but also be able to communicate easily as well.

  1. Do a puzzle together

I love doing puzzles, but I love doing them with Josh even more! You accomplish something together and it feels so awesome when that final piece clicks in. Pick something you both have an interest in and at the difficulty you want. There are some really interesting and different puzzles out there now!

  1. Work out together

Our apartment complex comes with a free gym, but we often opt just to work out in our living room! There are many free work outs on YouTube now. I also use work outs on DVDs! I’ve also seen work out equipment available for free at many parks!

I hope this list sparked some ideas for you on how to have a great date night and not break the bank! Leave a comment down below on your favorite inexpensive date ideas!

-Haley Klaas

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These are some cool ideas. We have forgotten the art of personal intimacy with all of our technology. Great post!

Thanks for your comment Davona! Agreed, sometimes the simple things in life are easily overlooked. Have a great day!

I love these ideas. I am a true believer that date night doesn’t have to be glam or pricey. It’s more about connecting.

Hi Nailil, thanks for you comment! I totally agree, doesn’t take a lot to have a great time. Have a great day!

Loved this list. My hubby and I like to play board games as well as we cook together. We try and make at least one night out doing something fun every month. In the summer we go for drives or to the beach.

Hi Shelley, that sounds so fun! Yes board games are our default in colder weather! Have a great day!

This is a great list of ideas! My husband and I enjoy cooking together.

Hi Luna, thanks for your comment! Cooking together is fun. Have a great day!

Vita McFarland

My husband and I haven’t really been very good with maintaining a regular date night, because we have a toddler and getting childcare can be a bit of a hassle. But it is SO important to nurture our relationship and connect face-to-face (rather than side-by-side doing activities).

These are all great ideas! I love that they’re inexpensive, as we are also trying to save up for a house. I’ll definitely try to do some of these with my hubby in the next coming weeks. We can even bring our son along for a few of them 😉

Hi Vita, thanks for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the list and I hope you get to do a couple! We are trying to save for a house too!! Have a great day!