9 Ways to Quickly Save Money

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We’ve shared in previous posts some mindset shifts we experienced in our journey to financial freedom. Here are 9 ways we’ve found that can immediately help to cut back on expenses.

  1. Cut cable

What a crazy monthly expense this has become! Instead of paying a steep cable bill every month, get a digital antenna. We have had this one, found on Amazon, for over two years. Click on the picture below if you would like to check it out:

It works great with clear picture! We get every local channel we need, and it is very discreet. There are many options in various price ranges depending on the mile radius you need. We spent $60 one-time instead of hundreds every single month!

  1. Make a list before going to the store

This helps cut out impulse buying and has helped us slim down our grocery budget. We have a notepad on our kitchen counter, and as we run out of things throughout the week, we write them down! It is so much faster to compile a list when all we have to do is include ingredients for dinners for the next week!

  1. Pack lunches

We’ve gotten in the habit of making Sunday a prep-day for the week. Then it only takes five minutes in the morning to pack food for each workday. We only eat out for lunch as a special treat (maybe once or twice a month). If we were spending spent $10 per lunch, on an average month that would be $440! We figure that the average lunch we pack costs around $3. By packing the majority of workdays, we save over $3,500 a year!

  1. Buy in bulk when possible

Anyone who knows us knows that we are big Costco people. Buying in bulk is not just for people with ten kids. We buy everything that we can at Costco (obviously not a lot of perishable items as we cannot eat/use it fast enough). Some examples of things we buy and save on are water, household items (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.), vitamins, snacks, almond milk, and frozen fruit. We get 40 water bottles for $2.99 at Costco. At a regular grocery store you get 24 bottles for around $4.

  1. Stock up during a sale

We pay attention to sales running at our local grocery stores. If there is something that we use, we stock up! For example, we will stock up if there is a good sale on drink mixes. We rarely drink soda, so we tend to go through a lot of drink mixes. Our favorites are usually $2.75 a box, but they will regularly go sale for around $1.

  1. But – don’t buy things that you don’t need just because it’s on sale

We’ve had to practice restraint many times with this. That shiny price tag with a lower price looks inviting, but it’s still impulse buying unless you are stocking up or will actually use the item in the near future. If it’s on sale now, it will probably be again. My parents always said when I was a kid that they will still make the sale item in the future, so we don’t have to buy it right now! As an adult, I honestly still have to tell myself this at times!

  1. Cut down the number of times that you go to the grocery store

We’ve found a way to cut our grocery budget down by going to the store fewer times per month. This goes along with making a list before going to the store- we also make a list so we don’t forget what we need to get. By going to the grocery store fewer times, we give ourselves less opportunities to buy things that we don’t really need.   

  1. Get water when you go out to eat, and skip the appetizers and dessert

We discussed this before, but an average soda or tea at a restaurant is $2-3 dollars. Usually, you can get a two liter of the same beverage for $1 (or less!) at the majority of grocery stores.

  1. Carpool when possible

We have taken advantage of this by carpooling to work as much as we can. We save a lot on gas and car maintenance over time. If this is not possible for you, there might be other ways to save. Do you have friends that live close and are willing to trade off on driving to places and activities together?

We hope that these points will help you to save money fast. Comment below on ways you’ve found to save money!

-Haley Klaas

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Jessy George

Hello Haley,

Loves your lists. Great job! There are 2 things that I don’t do from the list. One is car pooling due to our work area and kids afterschool activities. Another one is sometimes I go to grocery store multiple times because of the sales but always stick to the list.

Thanks for your comment!! Yes, we will go to the store if there’s a really good sale a couple times to stock up as well! Have a great day!

I LOVE packing my lunches. Not only does it keep me healthy, but it saves me a ton of $$. You don’t realize how much you spend on food until you scale back lol

Absolutely agreed!! First place we cut back, it makes a huge difference! Have a great day!

Great list! We applied all of these except car-pooling years ago on our journey to become debt free. We reached our goal and have been debt free for some time now. I can’t imagine ever going back to paying a cable bill.

Congrats to you guys!!! Isn’t freedom so sweet? Agreed- I couldn’t imagine paying it either! Have a great day!

These are all wonderful ways to decrease your expenses! My husband and I also chose to cut cable and have saved ourselves $150 each month. It is amazing how much money having cable can cost you. The other tips I found useful, and ones we done ourselves, are cutting down our trips to the grocery store. It takes a lot more effort to pack up the toddler and run errands so I don’t run out until we absolutely have to! Thanks for sharing these helpful tips!

Thanks for your comment!!! Every little thing adds up for sure! Have a great day!

Hi Haley, thanks for the tips on saving money. These are some great tips that I will pass along to my family who needs to be on a budget, because they spend more time eating out and then never have money to pay the bills. Have a great day. Blog On!

Mark @ mykrazylife66.com

Hi mark, thanks for your comment!!! I appreciate the passing on to your family, I hope they find it helpful! Have a great day!

Tiffany Downing

These are all great suggestions … I know i need to get better at the water at restaurants and sticking to my list at the store. THanks for the reminders and new ideas!

Hi Tiffany thanks for your comment! No problem, it’ll become a habit in no time! Have a great day!

I’m always amazed where you can cut money to save. It’s really in the simple things that we think we “need”. Thanks!

Hi Rebecca, no problem! Thanks for reading our post! Hope it gave you some ideas, have a great day!

Great ideas! I am always trying to convince people that just because it is on sale, we don’t need to buy it. If it is something we don’t need, we are not saving! 🙂

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comment! Yes if we are not careful those yellow sale tags will get us every time! Have a great day!

I just got my Mom to cut the cable and she couldn’t be happier! She’s saving $80 a month!

Hi Ola, thanks for you comment! Yes it quickly adds up, that’s awesome! Have a great day!

Sheree Dawn

I read about so many people cutting cable and going other routes. I want to do it too, but I’m nervous about losing some of the kids favorite channels. It’s time to really do the research!

Hi Sheree, yes there are so many options nowadays! We never miss out and we just have the antennae and netflix! There’s also more options to Cable now as well, with YouTube tv and the like. I hope you find a good and cheaper alternative! Let me know when you find it. 🙂 have a great day!

I love my Costco membership because I can buy so many things in bulk (and seriously save!) like the water you mentioned! Great ideas!

Hi Cara, thanks for your comment! YES we just love Costco. We try to buy everything we can there!! Have a great day!!

Great tips! Cutting cable saves a ton and with options like Netflix and Hulu, you get to watch what you want. It was a no-brainer for me.

Hi Jackie, thanks for your comment!! Yes agreed, we have found we don’t need anything more than the antenna and Netflix! Have a great day!